Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Go ahead. Make plans. But don't be surprised when you're forced to change them. This world is so full of uncertainty, it's nearly impossible to know where we're going to be from one moment to the next. We all have a plan for our career, our wedding, our family status, everything. But the older I get, the more I realize how futile many of those plans are. Inevitably, numerous things will go wrong at your wedding, your career won't always follow the path you've dreamed, your children might grow up differently than you'd hoped. It happens every day, every hour, every minute. Plans are interrupted.

This is life.

There's really no reason to freak out every time something unexpected happens. This is something I've had to teach myself over, and over, and over again. I'm a slow learner, I guess. But it's so hard to give up control. I want life to be a certain way, in a specific time frame. I don't want any surprises. Life would be so much smoother if it would just follow the path we set out for it, but our lives weren't meant to be easy. We're meant to live, learn, grow, stretch.

Our comfort zone is a lovely place to be, but we'll never experience anything if we don't step outside it. Things are going to happen in our lives. Good things, bad things, mediocre things. We can't be so set in our ways that we're blind to the opportunities opening up in front of us.

Uncertainty can be freeing. I don't know where I'll be a year from now, but that's okay. I'll still be me, no matter where I go.

Life is an adventure. See where it takes you.



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