Monday, June 8, 2015

Find Your Calling

Some people confuse the act of sacrifice with the act of obedience. Obedience is following God's path for your life. It's discerning the will of the Lord, and following. Obedience is not simply giving up your time and money. You can volunteer all you want, but if you're not following the plan God has set for your life, you're not practicing discernment.

Doing something just because nobody else has stepped up to the task doesn't always produce the results God is looking for. In fact, immersing yourself in tasks that you aren't cut out for can cause distraction in your life. Spending all of your time doing something that isn't your calling takes away from the time you could be obeying God's will. 

Focus on what you are meant to be doing. Don't fill your plate with things that you aren't cut out for. Our purpose is to excel at our calling. To be the best that we can be. If our attention is divided and not focused on God, we're not serving Him, we're serving ourselves.

Sometimes we get so self-focused and self-important that we think things will only function if we're the ones in charge. Like the entire world will come crashing down in flames if we don't step in and take charge.

Guess what? There will always be someone around to step up, eventually. And maybe stepping up is what you're called to do. But if it isn't, don't get too caught up taking over everything for everyone and miss out on what's meant for you.

When we take over tasks that aren't meant for us, not only are we redirecting our own focus away from what we are meant to do, but we are also taking away opportunities from the rest of God's people. When I try to force my way into a leadership position in Kid's Ministry (which I am clearly not cut out for), I take that position away from someone who is truly called to be in it.

Spend time praying about what you're doing in your life. Make sure that you're following God's plan. His path is the only right path. He knows what is best for you. He knows what you're capable of. He gives you tasks that only you can handle.

His ways are always right. His desire is that you will follow Him, obey Him.

Do what you're called to do.

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