Thursday, April 16, 2015

Making Moves

Photo: Jessica Dobbs

When God calls us to do something, what do we do? How often do we hesitate? How often do we say we need to pray more about it? That we need to finish something else before we begin the new task?

When we are called to serve God, we are called to step out in faith. To make moves, not to make excuses. In essence, when we doubt God's calling and remain stationary, we are disobeying Him. If He places a calling on your life, DO IT!!!!! He doesn't want to hear why you don't think you're good enough, or about how unprepared you are. He wants you to obey Him.

He wants you to be His good and faithful servant, and instead of questioning His motives, He wants you to say, "Yes, Lord" and follow Him. No matter what He calls you to do in this life, however crazy it may sound, He will never leave your side. He will always be there to guide you, just as long as you follow His path.

Burn the bridges behind you when you make a move of faith. Don't give yourself an escape plan from your mission. Dive in head first. Trust God and all He has planned for you. He doesn't make mistakes. Don't have a backup plan when you're following God's path. Put your heart and soul into it, and don't look back.

God will reward you for your faith. He will store up crowns for you in Heaven. But you must follow Him wholeheartedly. You mustn't shy away from responsibility. Never allow yourself a safety blanket. Keep moving forward. Stay on the path.

God chose YOU for whatever it is you're being called to do. Nobody else. You. He believes in you. He knows you're able to complete the task.

You're capable of more than you think you are. Don't doubt yourself. Take the next step. One foot in front of the other.


Jackelyn Stange

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