Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A New Way Of Living

My lovely friend was in a car accident last week. Don't worry, she and her son are doing ok. But it got me thinking about how scary it must have been for them. Spinning across the road, not knowing what was coming next. It brought back memories of an accident my mother and I were in a long time go.

I tend have an over-active imagination. In my life, I've imagined myself in horrific car accidents many-a-time. These "daydreams" often involve me worrying about my own well-being and safety. I always freak out, wondering if I'm about to die in these scenarios. Here's the thing about our real life car accident...the entire time our vehicle was flipping across the ground, I didn't think about myself even once. The only thing I could think about was my mom. I was so terrified that something would happen to her, that I would be fine, and she wouldn't. When the Explorer stopped rolling, I remember screaming, "MOM, ARE YOU OK????"

By God's grace, we both escaped without a scratch.

Remembering that time in our lives made me realize I should live like that more often. Not that I should intentionally get in car accidents, but that I should focus less on myself more regularly. Philippians 2:3 tells me to make other people more important than myself. We're on this earth to do God's Will. To be an example of His grace every day.  Jesus is the ultimate role model for selflessness. We are supposed to live in His image, to follow His lead. We should make every effort to serve those around us with an attitude of love.

One way I can do this is at home. Instead of being a lazy-bones and expecting my husband to empty the dishwasher or take care of random things around the house, I could simply do these things myself with a happy heart. He spends so much time figuring out our budget and paying the bills, the least I can do is finish the household chores without grumbling.

So that's the plan. My first step toward a less selfish lifestyle. Serving my husband in our home, without a crabtastic attitude. We'll see what comes next, these sorts of commitments tend to start a domino effect in our lives. Hopefully this will get me started on a path to be more like Jesus.



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