Friday, July 18, 2014

The Wiles of the Devil

Have you ever had something in your life that you've truly believed in? Something you've poured yourself into because you were certain it was God's plan, His Will? That this thing would serve to further God's Kingdom and do great things for Him? That thing...has Satan attacked the heart of it? Has he tried to viciously tear apart your plans from the inside out? 

Do you know what that means? You're a threat. Whatever you doing, it's scaring him. He's out to get you, and he's throwing everything he can into tearing you down.

Sometimes withstanding Satan's attacks can be so frightening. It can feel like you're standing completely alone in a raging hurricane. He gets into your head, manipulates you, makes you question yourself and those in the race with you. He does everything he can to make you feel like a failure, to feel worthless.

You're not. The simple fact that Satan is trying to squelch your passion signifies that you're not worthless, that you have more power than you realize. He wouldn't waste his time on a nobody. Keep pushing on, keep fighting. Giving up only serves to hand the victory to Satan.

What if you're not the one to give up, but someone else does? What if God's plan for your life is abandoned by the other people in the plan with you? The only thing you can do is pick up your sword and your shield and keep marching. There will be other faithful that will join you sooner or later. As a child of God, you're never completely alone. Keep up the good fight.


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