Monday, July 7, 2014

Finding The Nerve

I'm afraid of so many things. I'm scared of heights, fractured bones, road rash. I'm afraid of car accidents, failure, brokenness. I'm petrified of losing those I love, having a house fire, being mugged. My life is a mess of fear.

There are people in this world who aren't afraid of anything, and there are people in this world who are afraid of everything.

It would be nice to live in a world without crippling fear. It would be glorious. That's just not always the way it works.

Here's the thing. I'm afraid of heights, so I want to go skydiving. Road rash and broken bones terrify me, so I've learned to longboard. Though I am afraid of so many things, I can't let those things control me. I won't. The only way to get over your fear is to conquer it. To never give up.

We can't just live in seclusion, hoping the things that haunt our dreams will leave us alone. We can't keep our families at a distance because we're afraid of losing them. We can't avoid roadways for fear of getting hit by a car.

It takes so much courage to venture out and face your fear. People think that those without fear are the brave ones. Not so. The most courageous people in this world are the people that stand up to their fears, look them in the face and say, "Try me."

God did not create us to be scaredy cats (it's in the Bible, I swear- 2 Tim 1:7). He made us to trust Him in everything, including the things that frighten us. He is with us, even when we struggle through the darkest moments of our lives (Psalm 23:4).

Don't hide from the things that are attacking you. Embrace boldness, fearlessness, valor. Become the warrior God intends you to be. Stand strong.

"Don't let the fear of striking out hold you back." -An old baseball player.



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