Monday, June 30, 2014

But A Breath

In the words of one of my favorite songs from high school: "Life is but a breath, don't waste it." In the grand scheme of things, our lives are so very short. Compared to the span of eternity, this time on earth is nothing. We are given such a short span of minutes to make a difference, let's do everything we can to take advantage of that. What are you being called to do? For me, it's simple. I'm called to write. Nothing special, really. I have this blog, I utilize what I'm given. How about you? Don't turn your back on what God's will for your life is! Perhaps it is not convenient, maybe you are uncomfortable with what you're meant to do. The longer you push away the plans He has for you, the easier it is to never follow His will.

There are so many things we could do with our lives, and too often we shy away from these things. We don't like to step out of our comfort zones. We hate to be inconvenienced. What's more important here? What we want? Or what God wants?

Be audacious. Step out in faith. Wake up at 5am on Sundays to help your church prepare for the weekend message. Lead a small group on your normal night off. Give to those in your community. Get out there. Do it.

As for myself, there are so many things I could be doing, things I need to be doing. Sure, I have my little blog, I volunteer in the community occasionally, I help at church. But sometimes it is so easy to forget to appreciate the opportunity to do these things. I'm alive! I can serve others! I should be grateful, not grumbly! I should do more, I shouldn't do as little as possible and see where I can cut corners. God wants us to put our best effort into everything that we do.

Not only are we going to make a difference in this world, but every moment we choose to serve Christ can mean a swelling in the population of Heaven.

One shot is all you've got
To make a mark, to make your difference
One chance, but you don't understand this
Cause your time is limited
All you have is the breath already exiting your lungs
If you won't live, you might as well die
You can't afford to lead that life
Hands down, no regrets
Life has its hands around my neck
Fight back, no regrets
Life has its hands around our necks
Life is but a breath
Don't waste it

-But A Breath -The Wedding



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