Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Condition of the Heart

Meet Naomi:

She was born a week and a half ago. She's beautiful, sweet, perfect. What you wouldn't know from looking at her? She has a severe heart condition. It's called pulmonary atresia. This sweet one had open heart surgery one week after she was born, and will continue to have heart surgery for the rest of her childhood. To the naked eye, she looks perfectly healthy.

That's how it is with all of us. Each and every person on this earth has a severe heart condition, an invisible monster, chipping off years of joy and peace. We are all selfish, hurtful, demanding. We want people to do things our way, bend over backward, serve us fully. We want to be happy, no matter what it costs someone else.

When we become Christians, we are saying, "I am putting Christ and others above myself." But we still struggle. As a Christian, we face years of open heart surgery. God knows our weaknesses, He knows where we need to grow. He knows what part of our hearts is focused solely on serving ourselves. And He knows how to teach. Many of us are slow learners. We need a cold, hard slap across the face to realize what we're doing is wrong. For myself, it's taken a year of heartache to discover the patience and trust He has been teaching me. And it's not over yet. By no means have I learned all that I need to about these things.

Being a Christian isn't easy. It isn't a crutch. It doesn't make the pain go away. Being a Christian gives us hope. Hope that when newborn babies have a life-threatening heart condition, no matter what happens, God has a plan. His plan is to prosper us, to grow us. His plan is to teach us how to be more like Him, no matter how incredibly painful those surgeries can get to be.

Be open to God's plan for your life.




  1. I'm so sorry you're hurting. I would hold you in my lap like I did when you were little but your just too far away. I will just have to believe that you are resting in the Fathers lap and letting Him hold you. I Love You!
    PS...Don't slap Him back....just sayin!

  2. I will tell you in person and give you big hug from me, Naomi, and your mom. Your such a beautiful person and I learn more about how awesome you are all the time. Thank you for being in my life and sticking with me. Love you.