Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Do Something

Rock your city. I dare you. Rock it. What do I mean? Be a light, make a difference! My church is knee deep in the middle of an annual, state-wide volunteer project that we call Rock This City. We are joining with churches in our respective communities and being the hands and feet of Jesus. Practical application of our faith. It’s a pretty fantastic event! But the thing is, we shouldn’t be waiting for August to roll around to be putting our faith in action. We should be serving those around us ALL of the time!

James 2:17 sums it up best: faith, if it has no works, is dead (NASB). We are commissioned be there for the humans we encounter every day of our lives. And I’m not talking about things that we are “required” to do—like donating for charity jeans day. Or the things that we like to publicize to make ourselves look good—on Facebook, Instagram, etc. Especially not the things we are asked to do an grumble about the whole time. We are to do these things with a joyful heart. If somebody asks you for help, and you complain bitterly during the entire process, you are not being an example of Christ’s love.

I am inspired by a group of wonderful ladies who have decided to take a collection at Bible study every week to help people or charities that they know of in our community. The best part? They’re planning to stay anonymous. They’re not doing this for their own glory, they’re doing it to better the Kingdom of God.

If you’re poor (like me), don’t fear! Being a servant to others certainly is not only for those who have money to spare! We can serve the Lord with our time as well. Joyfully donating your time to projects is just as valuable in eternity.

To my fellow Fresh Lifers—I’d like to challenge you to keep serving your community after RTC is long over. To my other readers—get out there. Make a difference. Don’t be the one who could have, but didn’t.


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