Monday, May 6, 2013

Love, Actually

What is it that we long for? What drags us out of bed each morning and guides us through the daily scavenger hunt of life? The desire to be loved. Unconditionally. Whether we can admit it or not, the longing to be loved is deep within us all. The problem most people face is this: there is not a single human being out there who can love another human being unconditionally. There is no happily ever after-save that for the fairy tales. The closest thing I've ever experienced on this earth to untainted love is the love of my mother. She stuck with my broken self through it all. She cleaned up after me when I was sick, prayed for me when I was backslidden, cheered for me when I was in competitive activities, encouraged me when I embarked on the next step of my life, etc. But even the love of a mother is conditional. As a human, she needs to feel some sort of reciprocation in order to pour herself into her child. If I never called her, never wrote to her, backstabbed her, actively participated in breaking her heart, I feel like she would have a hard time loving me unconditionally. It would probably take a lot (my mom is pretty flipping awesome) but it would still be a possibility. It's human nature. We are ALL naturally selfish creatures. If we give all of ourselves to someone, and receive nothing in return, it's hard to nurture a growing love for that person.

So what then? Are we just screwed? We'll never experience the depth of love we all desire? Good news! Someone out there loves each and every individual on this planet. Completely unconditionally. God loves us in spite of all the horrible things we've done. He sees the good in us, He knows our hearts (1 Samuel 16:7). No matter what we've done, no matter how far from Him we are. He pursues us, longs for us, loves us. Written word is such a limited means to communicate the unending depth of His love for us. I mean, honestly, as human beings, we are so bad at love that we just don't get what it really means. But He sacrificed everything for us. He allowed brutal men to beat, spit on, and murder His prized son-the only perfect human to have ever walked the earth. Why? In order to save us from death and torment (1 John 4:9-10). He loves us so much, He went through physical pain and death to give us a future. That's just crazy. Crazy awesome.

What you're searching for, desiring, it's been there all along. Jesus is there, waiting for you to realize it and give your life to Him. It just takes one courageous choice to find everything you've ever wanted.


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