Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Discouragement and Distractions

When you are following God's Will for your life, Satan will use every means necessary to change the course of your path. He knows exactly what it is that gets under your skin, that tempts you to sin. He installed those "buttons" and knows the best times to push them. He knows the areas that you struggle the most in, knows what will discourage you. Stand firm! Because God won't allow you to be given more than you can handle (1 Cor. 10:13). Cling to Him, and you will ride out the storm.

A sin is anything that keeps you from doing God's Will for your life. So, for instance, part of God's plan in my life-currently-is being involved in my church and our outreach programs. We had a massively impact-full event called Skull Church down in Albuquerque, NM, last weekend. Thousands of people showed up, hundreds of lives were saved. It was INCREDIBLE. Heaven and earth rejoiced that night! Satan was not terribly pleased, to say the least. His retaliation was to wreak havoc on our trip home. He attacked almost every individual who made the long journey from Montana to New Mexico. Why? Because he wants to scare us away from ever doing something like that again. Guess what? IT'S NOT GOING TO WORK! The pure bliss of meeting new brothers and sisters in Christ far outweighs the flat tires, cracked windshields, and snow-driven hotel stays. At this point, it would be a sin for us to back down and stop sharing the gospel across the country. So try as he does, Satan will not distract us with this kind of discouragement.

Another common distraction in my life is boys. I tend to get all "oohhhh shiny" if I like a guy, or start dating one. I find myself "not having time" for the things God wants me to be doing (reading my Bible, praying, going to small groups, etc). He is teaching me in this season of singleness that I need to focus on Him, NO MATTER WHAT. And I shouldn't be with someone that isn't as on fire and #allin (yes I used an Instagram hashtag in my blog) as I am.

There is more to life than whatever it is Satan is using to distract us. We have Heaven waiting for us, and there are so many people on this earth that I would love to see in eternity. The reward outweighs the cost. Keep your eyes on the prize (Phil. 3:14), it will be more glorious than all the riches of this earth!


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  1. Just read the following this morning and thought it was appropriate to share here:
    "Sooner or later, sin will strip and rob you of everything that is truly beautiful an desirable. If you are a child of God,you were redeemed to enjoy the sweet fruit of holiness--to walk in oneness with your heavenly Father, to relish His presence, to rejoice in His mercy, to know the joy of having clean hands, a pure heart, and a clear conscience, and, one day, to stand before HIM unashamed."