Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finding Your Worth

I'd like to tell you a story. It's about siblings, a boy and a girl. Close enough in age to share experiences, not so close to have the same group of friends.Their father was a hard man. He wasn't easy to please, and expected a lot from them. His idea of being a good parent was raising children who went to graduated high school, went to college, and obtained a satisfactory career. He wasn't terribly loving or sentimental, he expected what he expected—and  that was it. The boy despised the ideals his father had set up for him, he rebelled. He filled his life with drugs and music and struggled to hold down any job for more than 2 years.His father was furious, let everyone know what a failure he thought his son was. The girl followed a different path, she strived to do everything her father expected of her. She held good grades through high school, earned a college degree, and found a good job shortly after graduating. Not once in her entire life did her father ever tell her that he was proud of her. She did everything required of her, and still failed to receive the one thing she really desired—affirmation. What did they have in common? A desire to be noticed. A burning desire to find their worth. The thing is, they were. By everyone else. The girl had people in her life that praised her and told her how proud they were of her. And what the boy didn't know was that, every time he dropped acid or snorted coke through a straw at a bar, he was gouging deep scars in his sisters already raw and broken heart. He may have been trying to "stick it to" his father, but instead he was hurting those who truly loved him. People that wondered every day if this would be the day that they would lose him forever.

We are worth so much more than we know. So many search for value in jobs, marriages, the approval of others, etc. But if those things are the things that give our lives meaning, we will never be happy. There will be days that our jobs suck. Marriages will be tested. People will not always approve of everything we do. The only true purpose to life is God's purpose. His is the only perfect way, it is the only purpose with no flaw. Without purpose, the world is a bleak place to live. 

So many of us plod through each day with no real rhyme or reason. Too many people believe that the sole purpose of life is their own pleasure. That's a dangerous belief. Then it doesn't matter what they do, they could rape, plunder, murder—and as long as it quenches their desires, they don't care who gets in their way. But see, there is more to life than carnal pleasure. Each and every one of us has been called to pursue His purpose in our lives (Romans 8:28). He has bigger plans for us than we could even imagine. We just have to take the plunge, give up the sinful nature that we are so desperately clinging to. He will hold us close, and bring us greater joy than we could ever imagine.

Believing that God has a worthwhile plan takes courage, but it is worth it. His purpose is far greater than anything we set our finite human minds to. His plans for our lives have been in the works since before we were even an inkling of a thought in the minds of our ancestors (Jeremiah 1:5). All it takes to find true purpose in life is one giant leap of faith.

In the words of a FANTASTIC book called The Resolution for Women:

I am Good
I am Necessary
I am Important
I am Worthy


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