Monday, November 26, 2012

Standing Firm

Taking a risk, as long as you are sure it is God's plan for your life? Best thing you could do. Both for your faith as well as your life in general. Some might see quitting a full time job with great benefits as idiotic. Not that I didn't have a back up, Old Navy promised they would give me as many hours as possible over the holiday season. But living on $8-ish an hour? Whew. Talk about scary! Feasible, but not terribly pleasant. So I left Verizon and prepared to buckle down on my spending for a couple of months. I applied at a few places, and immediately started getting calls to set up interviews. Confirmation that I was doing the right thing? Absolutely. Not even one week after my last day at Verizon, I got a call offering me a full-time position at the local newspaper. WHAT?!?!?!? I left a job that was completely unrelated to my college education, stepped out on a limb, and landed an opportunity to do what I went to school for? Thank you, Jesus! Amazing, truly amazing!

I realize, sometimes life gets scary. God asks us to do some pretty tough stuff, not just to test us, He really does have our best interests at heart. What is is that God is asking from you right now? To leave your job? Move? Become a missionary? Live publicly for Him? Go back to church? Witness to those around you? Give up a bad habit or addiction? He isn't asking these things of you to make your life miserable. He wants to make it fulfilling. Think about it. Is avoiding His will for your life really satisfying? Where has running away from Him gotten you? When I was in college, living my life for me, I was daily choosing to do the opposite of God's will for my life. Living for the moment, doing what I wanted, ignoring the quiet knocking at my heart. It was miserable. I didn't know it then. I thought I was having fun. Parties, boys, friends. I was on top of the world. But when I was alone, I was sad. Just sad. I spent all of my time trying to ignore my misery. Constantly texting, calling, cyberstalking everyone I knew; all to distract myself from how utterly alone I was. No amount of drinking, schoolwork, social interaction could bring joy. There would be moments of happiness, snippets of fun. Laughing at a party with a friend, but the moment they left I would look around. See the stains on the carpets at the hockey house, empty bottles, vacant stares, sticky everything. Stumbling, crying, puking. Walking in on a "friend" having sex with the guy I was seeing in a bathroom. More crying, driving home, waking up wondering how I got there. The moments of pleasure were not worth the horrible feelings of regret and loneliness. Avoiding God does nothing but make life harder to navigate. Maybe you aren't as extreme as me, maybe the only thing God wants from you is for you to take a few moments of every day to worship Him. Believe me, whatever He wants from you, no matter how inconvenient you may think it is, is worth it. The comfort, peace, and joy found in living a life for Jesus is longer lasting than the fleeting happiness of living for yourself. What does God want from you? Why do you keep running? It's time to stop, listen, and take the leap. The rewards, whether they are on Earth or in Heaven, are worth the risk.


P. S. Cindy's feet. Karisa's guitar. That is all.

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