Sunday, October 21, 2012

We All Wanna Be Loved

So it’s been a long week. That whole having a stomach virus and staying in bed for two days thing really put a damper on my invites. I still got some inviting done, no worries. Nobody I invited showed up, but hey, just have to keep trying. Right? I did learn that some of my co-workers have been reading my blog. Yay! You guys are awesome. I hope you like it! Also. Come to my church with me. It rocks socks! Seriously. Pastor Levi talked today about a dude in the Bible getting “camel jacked” and robbed. He’s original that’s for sure.

Right now we are going through a series called With the Wild Beasts. It’s all about temptation and how to resist it and know when you’re being tempted and all that jazz. It’s impactful, to say the least. One Levi’s points today focused on how Satan loves to make us feel inadequate. He uses our insecurities to tempt us. Makes us feel like we are nothing. It kind-of tied in with something I’ve been thinking about and wanting to write about. Women. We’re insecure…about everything. Our faces, our weight, our wardrobe, our eye color, our income, our friends, at one point or another we’re insecure about it all. One of the biggest things though? Boys. They can drive us to do the dumbest things. So many girls are perfectly willing to lose their entire identity to get a certain guy to just notice her. Why? Because we’ve been brought up to think that a romantic relationship with a man is the end-all be-all in life. There is nothing more important in life than to get married to the perfect man, have a perfect family with exactly 2.5 children (where’s King Solomon when you need him?), drive the perfect SUV, and live happily ever after. Darling, that ain’t NEVER going to happen. The perfect man doesn’t exist.

Now let’s explore an interesting trend I’ve noticed. My lovely friend Brook is reading a series that I forced upon her. In the first book a boy and girl fall in love. Typical teen read. They live in a dystopian society and plan to make a run for it together. As they are escaping, they’re caught. The boy sacrifices himself and forces the girl to continue on without him. A beautiful tragedy. In that moment, he becomes her hero. He gave up his own life so that she could experience freedom. Has anyone watched any of the Twilight movies? Self-sacrificing vampire man falling in love with a self-centered human girl? (The books are better.) Edward would do ANYTHING to protect Bella, right? How about Divergent, Matched, The Uglies, The Hunger Games, so on and so forth. Different stories, different characters, different settings, the same concept. The heroine always has a hero to protect her and sacrifice himself for her. Every little girl growing up wants a hero. I was recently giving a guy friend advice about women, and that’s exactly what I told him. She’s looking for a hero. Remember the horrible shooting at the movie theater in Colorado? There were three men in that theater that sacrificed their own lives for their girlfriends. Melted my heart. Now, if I had a boyfriend, I wouldn’t want him to die. I just want to know that he would throw himself in front of a bullet for me if necessary. It’s just common courtesy. That story made women across the nation swoon and tear up, maybe even slap their husbands/boyfriends/brothers/etc. Why? Because that’s what—deep down—every woman wants. A man, out of his undying love for her, to be willing to sacrifice his own life and save her. HEY! Does that sound at all familiar? I think I’ve read a story like that before somewhere. For God so loved the world, maybe? Hey ladies! It’s already been done. There’s already this amazing, wonderful, perfect man who DID die for you. YOU. His name was Jesus. He died because of his undying love for you! For real! How awesome. We don’t have to search any more.

It’s funny how the theme prevails even in secular young adult fiction. From the Bible to Twilight, we all wanna be loved, loved, loved.

And I’m not saying there aren’t wonderful men out there. They just aren’t perfect. My step dad is an incredible dude. He works hard, plays hard, loves hard. But at the end of the day, he still leaves coffee rings on the end tables. He’s human, he’ll never be perfect (though he is about as close as they come…and yes…I am trying to get an awesome Christmas gift this year). I’m just saying to the single girls: don’t throw yourself away for a man. Find the right one, not just anyone. And for the married ones: cut your dudes a little slack. He’s not Jesus. ;) Just kidding. But really, find your worth in God, not man.



  1. Profound! And that 'awesome stepfather' of yours wants to know.....what do you want for Christmas???

  2. wow. very...moving miss jaci. Actually, just what i needed to read/hear. it is amazing to see god working through someone. you are always in inspiration to me.