Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Off To a Poor Start

Here I am to tell you about my failure. Not that I didn’t invite anyone to church. I did. But I also missed the most opportune moment to invite someone. To set the scene, I was having a miserable lunch break. I had called ahead and ordered a wonderful Southwest Chicken Caesar salad from Salad Creations, and after a day of fasting, boy was I excited. So I drive to the Salad Creations on King Avenue, frustrated with slow drivers who weren’t willing to take a few risks, and end up waiting in line for 5 minutes. The boy at the counter informs me that they hadn’t gotten any calls, that I must have ordered from the store on Grand. All the way across town. Perfect. Fifteen of my thirty minutes of lunch break have already passed. How am I supposed to get to where my food is waiting for me and still get back to work on time? Not going to happen. But I can’t just let the food I ordered go to waste. So I drive across town. Call mom on the way and complain to her about how simply irritated I am. She tells me it’s probably just a spiritual attack. I agree. I know it seems silly to feel like I’m being attacked by a screwed up lunch break. But you have no idea how important food is to me! Plus, Pastor Levi mentioned that he always has a really rough day the day after a spiritual high. That was today for sure. So anyways, on the phone with mom I mention that I had intended to invite whomever I got my lunch from today to church. But I decided that I was simply not going to have enough time. Ha.

I get to Salad Creations and the guy is still making my salad. That’s fine. I’m going to be late from lunch anyway. So we talk about my lunch fiasco, and laugh about my idiocy. I watched his fun white chef hat bop around. (Is that a thing? Bopping around?) He gives me a free fountain drink because he feels bad for me. I leave.

Guess what? I had time to talk about Jesus. Sure thing! Did I? Nope. And I promise you, I thought about it while I was in there. So why didn’t I do it? Oh. You know. Because he was cute. I didn’t want him to think I was like, A JESUS FREAK or anything. Plus, I mean...who wants CUTE GUYS GOING TO THEIR CHURCH????? Ridiculous.

So anyways. That’s my failure for the day. I was wracked with guilt the whole way back to work. Thumping my forehead against my window while eating my salad and driving with my knee. Be glad you weren’t on the sidewalks in Billings this afternoon. The guilt ended up working in my favor. I invited a couple of my customers to church (honestly don’t know if I’m really allowed to do that). BUT! I am going BACK to Salad Creations next week on my day off and inviting that guy! It’s going to happen.

Also, my wonderful, beautiful, amazing roommate listened to one of Pastor Levi’s messages with me last night and is now going to check out his podcasts online! Now she has to, because I posted it in my blog.

In other news, GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. You crack me up...Thanks for being so transparent (trans.....PARENT, I crack me up).

  2. Hahahahahaha. You're so special, mom....